About us

 Switched On Consulting was established in by John Sunderland, a Human Resources Consultant, to bring together like minded-professionals and offer practical HR support when it is most needed.  Our purpose is to promote best practice in people management as a way of improving working lives. 

We have been providing Human Resources advice and support to both large and small employers for more than 10 years.  Clients have included:

·         Government agencies

·         Local authorities and strategic health providers

·         Employer-led training agencies

·         Legal service providers

·         Education providers

·         Housing associations

·         Private & voluntary social care providers

·         National charities

We work with managers at all levels, providing the appropriate level of support according to experience and confidence in responding to people problems.  

Time and again, we see that external, independent professional support can often help to unlock problems and promote positive change. 

We also see how respect, integrity and empathy is critical in promoting more harmonious working relations.  

See for yourself some of the projects that we have worked on and you will get an idea of how we put our values into action.  

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