What do we offer?

Social Care Workforce development partnerships

We currently work with social care partnerships across the whole of South East London and Kent to access funding and support

If you are a social care provider, contact us and you could benefit from funding for training your workforce.  

Employee Relations support

Even the best organisation will have tricky employee relations problems to deal with.  This is not only stressful for those concerned, it can also become a legal minefield if the problem escalates out of control.  

External support is invaluable especially for more complex cases.  

We have experience of cases of persistent sickness absence, bullying or harassment, breach of professional boundaries, discrimination, safeguarding and potential criminal behaviour.  

Time is often critical in such cases and we will advise you immediately of the potential pitfalls you might face, what we can do to help, and an estimate of the time and cost.

Contact us to discuss any potential problems.

External HR services

You can buy into a package of HR support services in much the same way that you buy in services from an accountant or solicitor. 

Even the smallest employer can have the benefits of a professional HR team.  

You have telephone access to HR advice whenever you need it, and can choose different levels of support according to your needs.  

You can assess your HR needs by using our simple self assessment tool.  

You can download and print the tool here.